Model G20 Youth Leadership Summit

This weekend, nine Merchant Taylors’ Sixth Form students will be travelling to the USA to participate in the Model G20 Summit that is taking place in Boston. Molly Rigby, Ceci Power, Tala Bugis, Sophie Green, Khaira Ashcroft from the Senior Girls’ and Harry Scott, Aryan Patra, Mazin Karem and Zak Mansuri from the Senior Boys’.

Below is a short summary of the agenda, from the Model G20 website:

“The Model G20 Youth Leadership Summit is a five-day immersive learning experience designed to encourage high school students to develop skills critical to global leadership, diplomacy, and cross-cultural understanding.

Devised by Knovva Academy in partnership with Harvard US-China Economic Interaction Council and GiantBug Foundation, the program provides students with an authentic simulation of a G20 Summit and is supported by a fully-developed global curriculum that leads up to the main event.

Through the curriculum, students expand their knowledge of our global world and build the communication, strategic thinking, and leadership skills necessary to excel on the Summit floor. Here, students put everything into motion for a whole 360-degree approach to learning”.


Source: (01/02/2018)